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Uncompromising equipment for the most aspiring Salons

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This is our specialism.

VIP Clients are accustomed to the best service levels and the Salon’s standards must exceed the Client’s.

Technicians ought to work discreetly, using the equipment’s functionality to its every advantage – allowing Clients to enjoy treatments in sheer comfort, soothed and assured by the quality of all that they touch.

VIP Clients invest greatly in being pampered. 


Moreover, they invest time and longer sessions require far greater levels of comfort for the Client. The detail of design and the visible qualities of the materials make our equipment a credible partner in delivering the services demanded by the most discerning Clients.


For your VIP salon project, here are some great starting points

Shampoo Equipment >
Yume (DX) and the most innovative washpoints for the highest levels of salon service.

Hair Processors >
World-renowned, innovative heat and mist processors for healthy treatments.

Luxury Motorised Chairs >
Luxurious comfort, fully-motorised chair and base, 360º rotation, backwash recline across the range.

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