Case Study



Kropper Barbers


Wandsworth, London

When Kropper's co-owners Mark Edwards and Philip Kroper opened Kropper Barbershop in Wandsworth, London, in November 2019, their timing couldn't have been less perfect as the country was preparing for imminent lockdown due to the incoming Covid pandemic. But they were undeterred.

Too many preparations and commitments had been made, too many decisions taken and too much time and money had been invested to knock them off course. And it has paid dividends. With an eye for style and design, and attention to detail, it was clear that their barbershop concept would make a significant impression - and it has.

Not only has Kropper Barber hit the pages of many a barbering magazine, serving as an inspiration for interior aesthetics and service quality, Kropper has amassed a legion of loyal customers and enjoyed award success, winning 'Best Barbershop Of The Year, south west London' in the CorporateLiveWire London & South East Prestige Awards. They were also a proud Finalist in the 'Best Shop Interior' category at the Modern Barber Awards too.

Image of man getting his hair cut

With a contemporary grey interior, contrasting white tiled walls offset with a striking feature wall that mirrors angular strip ceiling lighting and light oak flooring, Kropper cuts an impressive package as clients enter for exemplary service. And when it comes to chairs, equal attention was paid to the look and quality.

Mark: “Philip always wanted Takara Belmont because he said they are the best in the business. We didn't know which specific ones, but we looked at them all and decided on the Dainty. We then had them customised in grey to match our back wall fit and in with our colour scheme."

"Philip likes minimalist, sleek, new and modern and we felt the Dainty was a perfect fit. I love the fact that they're from Japan. I love that they're hand-stitched and I love the Belmont badge down the side. When they arrived sparkling out the boxes they looked so good, and they still do, even though they have to endure a lot of active service!"

Testament to the quality and comfort Dainty provides, the team at Kropper get many clients commenting on the chairs and they've actually had clients fall asleep in them when reclined for a longer service like a beard makeover!

Image of chair

During an opening weekend that saw 500 people pour in through the doors, the shop saw many return after they reopened after lockdown. With clients loving their minimalist style, contemporary colour scheme and the welcoming comfort of the Dainty grooming chair, the future looks very bright indeed for Kropper.

With a thriving product range and a brand identity that welcomes all ages, Kropper's popularity has gained momentum at pace and they are a perfect example of what can be achieved in very challenging circumstances. And one thing is clear. They have not compromised on quality even when prevailing economic circumstances could have forced a rethink. They stuck to their plan, invested in the finest products and equipment and with a positive, committed and highly skilled team, we think their determination and belief is paying off!

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