Katie Wrighton offers five top tips based on the things salons ask about most often!

In addition to iconic chairs and equipment, our free* Salon Design Service has resulted in awe inspiring interiors that ensures salons’ maximise service experiences and reach their income potential. Based on what Katie encounters in her role as National Sales Manager, she explains what you need to think about when purchasing furniture and equipment.

1. Is your equipment fit for purpose?

The design and style of equipment is so important, but functionality that suits its intended purpose is vital too. Customisation makes it possible to tailor our equipment to your brand and service requirement, such as upholstery colours, base options and other technical features. But before you purchase visit a dealer, or one of our showrooms, to ensure it delivers the services it’s being bought for. This gives you the opportunity to try it in person and ensure that the dimensions are right for your salon space. You can also see if there’s potential to introduce or accommodate new revenue-boosting services or consider other types of equipment you may not have initially thought about.

2. Quality

Many salons compromise on quality for one simple reason. Cost. Like all things in life you get what you pay for, so invest in quality and you’re investing in your business, your team and your clients. Our brand is world-renowned for reliability, strength, performance and innovation and, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you have the peace of mind of professional backup to get it put right. With leasing available from our dealers, investing in benchmark quality is affordable and tax efficient, so discuss your options before taking out loans, making a huge capital investment or opting for inferior products. In our experience the loss of service income from damaged, unusable equipment and the frequency of replacing or repairing cheaper equipment is a false economy. Substandard equipment affects the customer experience and working conditions that can also have commercial consequences.

3. Style and comfort

Try equipment so you can see what it feels like from a customer point of view. As clients’ spend their entire visit in a chair or at the backwash, comfort is paramount. Our equipment is classically designed so it delivers ageless, timeless style and pure comfort. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure there’s no degradation in comfort over many years of use; another reason why investing in quality is so important.

4. Working heights/position  

To ensure you make the right choices, take a team member to try out the equipment’s functionality based on the actual treatments and services you’re using it for. Ergonomic qualities such as working height, reclining and rotational features are important to deliver the services you’re giving to clients.

5. Are your selections future proof?

It’s easy to think about what you need now, but think ahead when making equipment decisions. Will your selections remain current and can you update your equipment without having to repurchase entirely? Can your equipment be easily maintained and repaired and, can replacement parts and engineers be easily found when required? Many of our products have been developed over decades and remain popular, so we can always ensure easy access to parts and maintenance through our dealers.

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