Salon Experience - An overlooked asset or a conscious business decision?

Think about the term 'salon experience' and this can, and does, mean different things to different people. Usually it's defined by design and the customer journey so when redesigning your salon, upgrading equipment or refreshing your decor the first things that often spring to mind are the most apparent, visible and the most essential. Styling and grooming chairs, backwash equipment and technical equipment are essential of course. Colour schemes and decor too. But as with most things that are truly worthwhile, the devil is in the detail. And it's often the little nuances, the micro-details and the seemingly unimportant aspects of a salon design that affect the overall impression and the customer experience. The customer journey is often created in the mind of, and reflected in the decisions made by the salon or barbershop owner, but consulting customers about what they want and how they define the perfect experience should be a part of the plan. 

As a brand famed worldwide for chairs and equipment, technical innovation and salon design, we appreciate that many salons consider every detail, but many more don't. What we know is that clients have one primary demand of salons and barbers - that they are experts in hair and they can entrust their treasured locks, beards and bobs to their stylist. 

Great hair is one thing but a fantastic salon experience is another - and it's not just about hair. For example. A restaurant may serve the finest cuisine in town but we all select restaurants for the ambience, the atmosphere and the environment in which we enjoy the company we keep and the meal we share. It's a dining experience we want, not just great food. Hairdressing and barbering are no different.

A visit to the salon or barbers is something to look forward to, enjoy, cherish and value. Your clients want escapism, a haven of pampering, luxury and engaging conversation - an event that is not part of their everyday life. You give them that and the best bit - they walk out looking and feeling better than when they arrived. That's what it's all about. But. Crucial to this, just like the restaurant, is their experience. Customers don't want just great hairdressing or barbering, they want a great hairdressing or grooming experience. Salons are functional places where tools, blowdryers, razors and hardware serve an important purpose. But creating that magical ambience is different. Their 'experience' exists in every finite detail - from the big stuff like your interior design to the small stuff like a warm welcome, the quality of coffee and your attention to their every need.

By paying attention to detail, you create more value without changing a single service too. People will pay a premium for something special, something to look forward to, and for that extra level of luxury that makes every trip something to value beyond the hair cut, colour, style or grooming service they receive.

When it comes to interior design, the layout, positioning and configuration of the space is important. The quality, reliability and comfort of your furniture and equipment is especially important too, as clients spend virtually their entire visit in a chair, at the backwash or in the waiting area. 

The colours, textures and visual impression affects the emotions of clients and must reflect the atmosphere you're aiming to achieve. Small touches including soft furnishings, decor, fixtures, artworks and flooring contribute to the overall effect. And in terms of interpersonal values, from the moment your client enters until the time they leave, elevating the quality of interaction and communication is just as important to making them feel valued and extra special as the hair cut itself.  We've all heard about how much clients value the relationship with their hairdresser or barber, so this is something worth investing effort in.

With a global perspective on the hairdressing and barbering industry, a finger on the pulse of international trends and cultures, and a unique insight into the attitudes and expectations of customers through the world, Takara Belmont delivers something unique to hairdressing and barbershop owners. Yes we create some of the world's most advanced and innovative equipment, hairdressing technology, furniture and accessories. That, like a great haircut, is what you should expect of us. But more than that, we understand the value of the customer journey and the workplace experience that helps both to attract and retain loyal customers and retain a dedicated, motivated team. Creating a salon or barbershop that raises the bar, elevates expectation and delivers more than your clients and team could have imagined puts you at an advantage. It makes you unique, different and attractive. People will want to experience your services because you're not 'everyday'. You will attract the best talent, as your salon or barbershop will inspire creativity, arouse the imagination and support professional progress. And, your attention to detail will be good for business as well. It allows you to be more expensive because you're worth it to the customer, charge a premium for better quality and add new services to encourage clients to try new things.

So, next time you're looking for equipment, or are thinking of a redesign or refresh its easy to find and buy a product. And if you believe in the exceptional, Takara Belmont would be only to happy to oblige. But, if you want to delve deeper into the possibilities for your business and see how much further and faster we can go together, as partners with a shared interest in your business success, why not contact us? 

Being a world-leading manufacturer in the hairdressing and barbering business is about more to us than having a great product built on almost a Century of expertise. Of course we have that to offer but our depth of resource as an international brand can give you a great deal more that you may ever have imagined.

Check out our Salon Design Service and we look forward to taking you on our customer journey.    

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