A Fascination With Technical Transformation

Japan’s fascination with electronics, robotics and all things technological places it at the very pinnacle of global innovation. Emerging technologies over many decades have been pioneered as a result of this nation’s obsession with the yet-to-be-invented, and its determination to transform everyday functional products into multi-functional experiences that enhance, simplify and enrich our lives. 

Where Takara Belmont is concerned, barbershops, men's grooming establishments and hairdressing salons are no exception. Over a Century of evolution, transformative technological advances have been developed and applied to chairs and equipment that have contributed to the modernisation and advancement of the global hair, barbering and beauty industry.

In 1962, Takara Belmont introduced the world’s first motorised grooming chair - the Model 808. At the time, its price tag may have positioned it in the realm of more prestigious salons and grooming establishments, but it initiated what Takara Belmont has continued to do ever since - set new precedents for technology driven salon equipment. 

This new generation of chair transformed salon and barbershop experiences for stylists and clients and moved equipment into a new era of conceptual thinking and manufacturing know-how that permanently altered the definition of customer care.

Now, in our Centenary year, Takara Belmont continues to lead the world in motorised chairs and equipment.

A selection of motorised heroes

Let’s take a look at a selection of motorised heroes:

As Takara Belmont’s most prestigious offering, the Maxim represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort powered by leading-edge electronics. In addition to barbers that insist on the absolute best, VIP lounges in airports, luxury homes and even prestige yachts gravitate to this exquisite chair. A symbol of 100 years of innovation, Maxim is suited to high-end grooming establishments, as well as every day barbershops and salons that value the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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YUME DX - The World’s Most Luxurious Shampoo System
As the pinnacle of technical innovation, the Yume DX fully motorised shampoo system achieves immediate service elevation. It surpasses every expectation through a combination of sublime comfort, timeless design and supreme ergonomics. As part of the Yume Series, which also features the more compact Yume Espoir ESL and Yume Espoir ESF shampoo systems and Yume Oasis mobile shampoo unit, Yume DX embodies Takara Belmont’s expertise and technical know-how in one core product. It cocoons clients in absolute comfort, effortlessly manoeuvres them into the perfect service position and gives salons the scope to incorporate head massage, beauty treatments, facials and other VIP treatments into their service menu.

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The Legend fully-motorised chair delivers unsurpassed luxury and comfort. In keeping with Takara Belmont’s most prestigious offerings, the Legend is ideal for unisex salons and men’s grooming establishments looking to project a premium image and ensure clients enjoy a service experience like no other. Quality, durability and performance meet Takara Belmont’s benchmark standards to present a stunning showpiece chair that delivers aesthetically, functionally and ergonomically.

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The unisex Inova EX chair commands attention for style, comfort and function in equal measure. Its technology driven programmable functions are the essence of high-class style and performance to upscale every service. 

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As customers place ever higher expectations on their visit to the salon and barbershop, technology driven base options are available on a wide range of barber chairs and styling chairs that elevate every hairdressing experience.


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