A Century Of Hairdressing and Barbering Innovation

In a Century dedicated to the advancement of hairdressing, barbering and beauty defined by innovation, invention and the development of cutting-edge technology, design and manufacturing, the Takara Belmont of today is the result of seeds first sown in Osaka, Japan in 1921. The technology, facilities and infrastructure may not have been available then to do what can be done today, but the vision, ambition, dedication and attention to detail were.

From the outset, Takara Belmont set out to define global salon experiences through innovative furniture and equipment design, and the development of groundbreaking technologies that would elevate both the customer and stylist experience. It intended to be the world’s best by setting benchmark standards of quality, design, functionality and performance that would make, and leave, an indelible impression on the global salon market. And, by drawing on international fashion, design and culture it would perfect the art of salon design - from aesthetic impressions and space optimisation to service range and commercial maximisation for salon businesses.


From the humblest of beginnings, this bold vision has led to some of the world’s most iconic and enduring furniture and equipment designs, such as the Apollo 2 grooming chair series and the Adria II styling chair.

It has created transformative haircare technologies - namely the Roller Ball F and Spa Mist II processors - and the company has redefined luxury by fusing leading-edge technology with motorised functionality in the form of products including the Yume Series of high-end shampoo systems, along with the Legend and Maxim motorised chairs.

With an international presence in over 100 countries, Takara Belmont has evolved to cultivate a service-first philosophy and an extensive product and service portfolio that has shaped the international salon industry unlike any other equipment brand.

From high street to high-end luxury, from everyday salons and barbershops to the extraordinary, and from the unsung heroes to industry icons such as Trevor Sorbie and Daniel Galvin, Takara Belmont’s ability to create products of distinction and enduring design, unrivalled performance and global appeal is unmatched. 

This journey continues into the 21st Century as the company looks to build on its heritage and focus on the innovations of tomorrow.


The transformation of Takara Belmont from a small family-run business into a global organisation that exerts influence across the international salon market is not yet complete. It’s a journey, not a destination.

With an ongoing determination to transform everyday functional products into multi-functional experiences, the company continues to evolve by focussing on the innovations of tomorrow. Believing in making progress that respects the past, mirrors the present and anticipates the future, Takara Belmont has brought more furniture, equipment and technical innovations to the market in the last decade than ever before. Salons can customise equipment to complement their brand and service requirements, expand their service options and deliver exceptional treatments whilst maximising business performance.

It is this insight and global perspective that has enabled the company to create world-class products that accrue more appeal with age, whilst developing new and even more advanced solutions. Indeed, Takara Belmont was the world’s first company to introduce motorisation to hairdressing chairs, the first to introduce infrared technology to colour processing and it presented the world’s first fully automated shampoo system.


However, in a fast-changing world of mass globalisation that demands constant reinvention, it’s also reassuring to know that Takara Belmont remains a third generation family-owned independent business, spearheaded by global CEO Hidetake Yoshikawa. 

And, despite its international presence, influence and size, it stays true to its founding principles of exemplary service, precision design and manufacturing and the pursuit of innovation. It is guided by its customers and team, and its own instincts to push the boundaries of invention and make real the imagination of salons owners. It’s a partnership philosophy that ensures the future of the salon industry and the individual salon owner is secure and full of potential and opportunity.

With the appointment of UK managing director Stephen Price in July 2020, who has been with the company for 23 years, Takara Belmont is set to stride into the future with confidence and optimism, despite a year of unprecedented turmoil for the industry. Stephen Price: “Although we’ve achieved so much, our mission remains constant. The longevity of many of our products are testimony to what has been accomplished so far and we will add to our heritage as we look forward to the next 100 years!”


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