Take a virtual voyage around our London Showroom

Now that almost a year of longing for the day when we could swing open the salon and barbershop doors and welcome our team and clients back is thankfully at an end, we have all learnt to adapt to more virtual ways of doing things. Education, training, inspiration, motivation and communication have been transformed in the digital space and this mode of doing things is unlikely to revert back to pre-lockdown ways entirely. 

Virtual resources have become a much bigger part of life as a hairdresser or barber and, although it was a part of our lives long before the first lockdown, its place in our routine has been transformed, possibly forever.

Just before the first lockdown, Takara Belmont introduced both a 3D and VR Tour of its London showroom. This proved vital as barbershop and salon owners used lockdown to actively browse furniture collections from the comfort and safety of their own home. Now lockdown has ended and the focus is on getting business back to normal, this virtual tour is still a great time-saving research resource, so why not embark on a tour?

As you look to reinvigorate your business, create new customer experiences and refresh your salon or barbershop design in a post-Covid world, furniture and equipment options will be front and centre of these decisions.

The new 3D Virtual Tour and VR Tour can be viewed on a desktop computer or mobile phone. Simply use your mouse or finger to navigate and look for ‘hotspots’ on each equipment piece that, when pressed, pop up more information about the item you’re viewing. Take an immersive journey through our latest collection of styling chairs and furniture, salon equipment, backwashes and luxury shampoo systems. 

There’s also the option to explore the showroom via a VR Headset if you have a compatible headset too.

View the 3D / VR Tour now at https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/showroom-tour

For VR, follow the steps and VR Headset recommendations online 


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