Elevate therapeutic hair and scalp care experiences, boost well-being and increase sales

As the hairdressing industry evolves by embracing and initiating new trends, innovations that take client experiences and haircare to new levels of luxury and enhanced results continue to emerge. 

With this in mind, one of the most recent service revelations finding its way into a growing number of salons is a genuine game-changer – the Japanese Head Spa.

As the first hairdressing company in Japan to develop a professional ‘head spa’ service for the salon industry, Takara Belmont’s head spa treatment is both revolutionary and great for business. But while there are many variations of this exclusive technique, Takara Belmont’s Original Japanese Head Spa ensures your salon can introduce the perfect treatment. By combining world-class equipment, bespoke head spa accessories and exclusively curated techniques, salons can offer an unrivalled sensory experience that actively relaxes and calms, while tangibly improving scalp health, and promoting healthy hair growth. The deep cleansing, therapeutic effects of a head spa treatment will appeal to salons looking to expand their range of expertise and well-being treatments, create a unique point of difference, and boost service incomes.

Katie Fielder, Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager comments: “Clients are increasingly looking to their salon for new haircare experiences that enhance their sense of well-being, while actively improving the condition of their hair and scalp. The Japanese Head Spa chimes with this demand, and it presents a dramatic business boost for salons. As a Japanese brand with over a Century of heritage, Takara Belmont has a cultural affinity with well-being techniques created in the region, and our equipment is centred around giving salons and clients the finest head spa experience, which is now widely available in Japan and beyond.” 

Equipment, Technique and Environment - three key elements of a Japanese Head Spa

As a therapeutic technique that offers salon clients supreme sensations of relaxation while delivering tangible, and scientifically proven, benefits to the hair and scalp, three key components contribute to the perfect head spa: Equipment, Technique and Environment. 

To present and deliver what is essentially a spa-style service, thoughtful consideration to the setting will create a distinct ambience. “This treatment could take place at the backwash but creating a separate zone or sectioned area within the salon for this, and other specialised services, will reflect the quality of this experience and increase its value both for the client, and in terms of pricing for the salon,” says Katie. “For a service of this nature, and to do justice to the multiple benefits it offers, a customised approach that creates a new atmosphere will really elevate the sense of luxury, escapism and exclusivity, while commanding a higher price point.”

Equipment is pivotal to the head spa experience and it’s here that Takara Belmont’s promise of the exceptional comes into its own. Specifically in support of head spa protocols, the spotlight falls upon the prestigious Yume Series in combination with the Spa Mist II processor, and the new Heath Bath accessory. 

In recent years, as hairdressers have evolved into destination salons that seek to deliver higher levels of luxury and refinement, upscale service quality, and position themselves as more than just a place to cut and colour hair, our Yume Series sets a new precedent in backwash innovation. Utilising leading-edge motorisation, thermostatic control, ergonomic design, and a unique neck rest design with a gel-filled neck cushion and two gel-filled head pillows, today’s Yume Series continues to set the benchmark for technicians and clients alike.

“The Yume, Yume DX, Yume Noble and Yume Espoir are compatible with our Head Bath accessory, which is key to delivering a head spa treatment. As the epitome of world-class innovation, our Yume Series delivers complete comfort and full body support, even during longer services like a head spa treatment.” says Katie.

Creating atmospheric experiences  

As another essential part of a head spa service, Spa Mist II not only enhances the atmosphere and ambience, it’s essential to scalp care and healthy hair growth. As a compact, highly functional and versatile processor, Spa Mist II utilises ultrasonic technology that generates an ultra-fine microscopic mist. This gently opens the cuticle layer at very low temperatures to infuse treatment ingredients deep inside each hair strand, without dilution, before its Cool Shot feature re-seals the cuticle for tangibly improved, and longer-lasting results.

“Spa Mist II also effectively removes debris and build-up to gently cleanse the scalp and follicles resulting in a cleaner, healthier scalp while repairing and hydrating damaged hair, and promoting healthy hair growth. It also ensures that products used in a head spa treatment penetrate deeper into the hair and scalp more efficiently to enhance the benefits and outcomes.”

Head Bath – the soothing way to scalp health

As an exclusive addition to the Yume Series, Takara Belmont’s new Head Bath accessory attaches to the Yume basin to soothe and relax, as warm flowing water creates the definitive head spa experience. Head Bath enhances every client encounter while increasing the value of treatments by actively improving scalp health and well-being and, as Katie explains, this completes the perfect Japanese Head Spa. 

“Head spa treatments are all about creating the ultimate sensory experience with hair and scalp health at their core. Supreme comfort, luxury, atmosphere and feel are vital to the overall experience and the Yume Series, Spa Mist II and Yume Head Bath combine perfectly to achieve this, while ensuring that clients enjoy lasting benefits to their hair and scalp.”

On a commercial note, Katie is also keen to highlight the numerous business opportunities for salons too. “Using our equipment to introduce this new treatment will keep clients coming back and recommending to others, so it’s a great way to build loyalty and attract new clients. In addition to promoting it as a new and specialised service, that will attract attention in itself, salons can also create packages and bundles, build it around other VIP and spa-style services, and create specific promotions. For example, Spa Mist II allows for the introduction of hand and nail conditioning treatments and enhanced colour outcomes, which can work in perfect synergy with a head spa service. The opportunities are there for salons to really maximise their growth potential.” 

By combining these world-class equipment concepts, your salon can achieve unparalleled levels of comfort, create new sensations of luxury and relaxation, and boost hair and scalp health for your clients. Equipment to support the introduction of Japanese Head Spa experiences is available exclusively from Takara Belmont. Discover now to give your salon a point of difference that your clients and team will love, while maximising your revenue potential and benefitting from our 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease Scheme!

Discover the Yume Series here: https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/equipment/backwashes

Discover Spa Mist II: https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/equipment/processors/spa-mist-ii  

Discover Head Bath: https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/equipment/accessories/head-bath  

Upgrade now with Takara Belmont’s 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease Scheme

7 ways to build your head spa business

Marketing head spa treatments in your salon is key to boosting awareness and sales. There are so many things you can do to promote this service and our National Sales Manager, Katie Fielder, offers seven top tips to maximise awareness and generate bookings. 

- Present as a new Spa Mist scalp therapy service combining a relaxing head massage and mist treatment

- Create a ‘Mist Hydration Boost’ service that reduces and repairs hair damage and enhances colour retention

- Launch promotions such as a ‘Summer/Winter Repair Mist Treatment’ to combat sun damage and rejuvenate dry and brittle hair  

- Offer treatment packages for special events such as holidays and weddings  

- Upsell by presenting the Spa Mist II during consultations and services along with introductory offers

- Cross promote with retail products that complement the service along with special offers

- Create VIP experiences and private appointments to increase exclusivity 


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