Create a more sustainable space and give clients the experiences they deserve

As increasing numbers of salons proudly state their eco-aims, shine a spotlight on their sustainability credentials and set about enhancing client experiences in an environmentally considerate way, there’s little doubt that sustainability matters to the salon industry. 

Recycled, up-cycled and reclaimed materials are now a common feature of modern salon design and, as the majority of professional hair care brands put sustainability front and centre of their mission, clients are certainly looking for more natural, organic hair care experiences. But how does equipment fit into the drive for an eco-friendlier and more sustainable salon?

Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager, Katie Fielder comments: “Salons adopt a sustainability ethos because of their principles and genuine concern for the climate. Equipment may not have always been the first thing that sprang to mind as they set about achieving their sustainability goals, but things have changed. Salons are now very aware of the difference equipment makes. Choosing an equipment brand, like Takara Belmont, that’s committed to achieving sustainability goals while delivering products of enduring quality, can actively support their sustainability mission. The longevity of our products combine with technologies that reduce water and energy consumption, and this syncs perfectly the eco-plan many salons and barbers are pursuing.”

Leading the way on environmental responsibility

Long before sustainability became embedded in the fabric of salon life, Takara Belmont was committed to making a greater contribution to environmental protection. Quality, innovation and longevity throughout our entire product range continues to ensure unmatched performance, while also minimising the need for repair and replacement, for example. Globally, Takara Belmont has invested over decades in state-of-art manufacturing facilities that use renewable energy. From sustainably sourced components and recycled fabrics, to water and energy saving features on our equipment, Takara Belmont is committed to innovation anchored in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Equipment and energy efficiency

Hair care technologies, such as the Roller Ball F, have transformed colour services and outcomes by halving processing time, while its 98% pure carbon element significantly reduces energy consumption. Across our backwash range, new shower-head technology is reducing water consumption by 20% and recycled upholsteries that enhance comfort and minimise environmental impacts have also been developed. Every detail has been considered to extend product life too, including replaceable cushions on the Adria II styling chair, and replaceable wheels on trolleys.

Katie comments: “Salons and barbers trust in our world-class quality and they appreciate that longevity contributes significantly towards creating a more sustainable salon. That said, client and stylist experiences are also a top priority. We’ve successfully evolved to create products and technologies that also contribute to salon design while enhancing comfort and support that simultaneously elevate service experiences and outcomes. The functionality, versatility and durability of our range is unparalleled in the industry and every product is engineered to deliver decades of dependable performance.”

While current economic circumstances have seen an influx of inferior equipment enter the market, it rarely lasts, and it proves to be more expensive over time. Frequent breakdowns and unserviceable repairs can lead to inactive styling stations, service disruption and revenue loss, which is bad for the environment, and bad for business.

Katie concludes: “A sustainable approach that enhances service quality is what your clients want, but it also delivers business benefits by reducing costs, energy consumption and waste. Investing in the best first time not only contributes towards a more sustainable salon; it also saves money and protects salons from financial losses caused by downtime. Plus, with our 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease Scheme, there’s never been a better time to upgrade and expand your range of service experiences.”


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