Head Bath

Head Bath

Head Bath

A new addition to the Yume Series. Enhance every customer encounter and increase the value of your treatments in the shampoo zone by presenting a transformative head spa experience that promotes relaxation and calm, as well as actively improving scalp health, and well-being.



  • Cleanses, purifies and heals the scalp in a short space of time
  • Removes accumulated dirt and product build-up from the scalp to create the perfect foundation for healthy hair growth, and produce a clean, healthy scalp
  • Relieves stress and lifts mood through its therapeutic effect
  • Delivers a spa-style experience for the scalp and hair that only professional salons can provide

Only compatible with Yume backwash series: Yume, Yume Espoir, Yume DX

Dimensions (mm) & weight (kg)

Height: 600

Width: 454

Depth: 350

Head Bath dimensions

Head Bath Introduction Video

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