Avoiding false economies by investing in the best

In recent years, barbershop owners have been exposed to almost unbearable financial strain with the Covid-19 pandemic, high inflation and taxes, soaring energy costs, and increasing business rates, all making it harder to run a profitable business. Add to that a cost-of-living crisis, that has impacted on clients’ spending power, and it’s unsurprising that salon and barbershop owners are motivated to reduce costs across their business. This approach is perfectly rational and understandable, but there are false economies at play that need to be taken into account too.

Beyond the functional – how equipment choices define customer experiences and boost business

As one of the most integral components of a functioning business, and as one of the most significant investments, chairs and equipment are important. Not only do they define customer and stylist experiences in terms of aesthetics, comfort, functionality and accessibility, they also open up opportunities for greater success when you delve deeper into their pivotal role in barbering businesses.

Selecting the right equipment means expanding your service menu, adding new treatments, and integrating new revenue generating ideas, such as hair colouring processes, VIP treatments, scalp care and other spa-style rituals that are gaining in popularity in barbers and men's grooming settings. There’s so much more potential than simply offering a client a seat or a place at the styling chair or backwash.

False economies - the true cost of ‘going cheap’

To capitalise on the financial predicament faced by many barbershops, the UK has been infiltrated with cheaper, inferior equipment. On the face of it, it’s a tempting proposition to reduce short-term spend, but at what cost? In reality, inexpensive, inferior equipment rarely lives up to expectation, or lasts for very long. As a result, equipment needs replacing or repairing more often, which means spending more in the longer-term. Plus, broken or unserviceable equipment causes service disruption and reduces the number of active stations, which in turn, reduces the number of clients you can serve. Inevitably this can lead to a loss of service revenue too. Furthermore, as low-quality equipment degrades more quickly with upholstery tears, cushion fatigue and base breakdowns, the comfort and support it first provided diminishes over time to compromise the quality your clients and team need and expect.

Invest in the best – the perfect option for saving money and promoting success

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that ‘you get what you pay for’, and this is certainly true when it comes to chairs and equipment. As a world leading manufacturer of hairdressing and barber chairs, backwash units, hair care technology, furniture and accessories, what does investing in Takara Belmont really mean?

With over a Century of innovation and expertise invested in every product, salons and barbers have reassurance and peace of mind. Every product is rigorously tested to deliver decades of timeless style, performance and reliability. We use the highest quality materials to ensure our products withstand the rigours of constant use in every service scenario. Plus, decades of investment in R&D have resulted in the world’s most innovative motorised equipment and hair care technologies.

Our global presence also means that every product is quickly and efficiently serviceable and repairable in the very unlikely event of an issue. In partnership with our dealer network, Takara Belmont is there to offer support and service and ensure complete continuity, so you do not suffer service disruption.

Importantly, in a climate change era that demands salons and barbers demonstrate progressive thinking to manage down environmental impacts and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet, Takara Belmont is leading change through its commitment to achieving sustainability development goals (SDGs), as defined by UNICEF. The longevity of our products is better for the environment, but we also ensure that we respect the environment across every aspect of our business - from the sourcing of components to our world-class manufacturing facilities, and by innovating more sustainable upholstery and materials used in our products.

The effective way to reduce and manage costs down

Takara Belmont’s appetite for innovation also reflects the financial challenges that our industry is experiencing. That’s why we launched the industry’s first ever 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease Scheme in 2022. This scheme is transformative for you and your business. It means you can upgrade to the world’s finest equipment in the most affordable and tax efficient way. It also means that at the end of your financing term, you can own the equipment outright with one further monthly payment, or upgrade again and start a fresh agreement. This is both flexible and affordable, and it ensures you can invest for now and the future in complete confidence.

To learn more about our expertise and offering, we have produced a stunning supplement designed to give you all the information you need. Read this and journey through more than a Century of innovation, be inspired by the stories of barbershops that use our products and discover how to protect the long-term interests of your business with our 0% Finance Leasing Scheme.

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