Interior design helps attract a wider client base for many reasons. First, people are visually influenced and decide in seconds how they feel about what they see. When a salon environment is so important to delivering an experience in which clients feel elevated, full of confidence and invigorated, every detail contributes to this emotion, not just great hairdressing.

Colours generate an emotional response so, depending on the kind of clients you want to attract, the ambience you intend to create and the brand image you want to project, choosing the right colour palettes is vital. Bright colours like reds and oranges for example are high energy and exude strength, confidence and success whereas greens relate to nature, quality and freshness. Blues impart a sense of trust and peace, purples luxury and spirituality and whites evoke cleanliness, honesty and innocence. Many salons opt for natural, earthy colours like browns, caramels and neutral tones to create a sophisticated, luxurious and relaxed atmosphere in which to frame your services. 

Visually, the setting in which clients enter will be defined by a variety of design features - from colours and textures to floor layout, and from lighting to equipment. Every detail from floor to ceiling forms an impression in their minds and contributes to the way clients feel about your salon and the services they receive. From the moment they enter, the salon needs to reflect the quality of the services the client is about to experience. Just like a restaurant, hotel or spa retreat, if your guests feel like you’ve compromised the quality of your environment and it looks tired, dated or in need of some much needed TLC, they might start to worry about the care and attention you’ve paid to your services too. Making sure your salon is pristine, well considered in design and that your lighting, colours, furnishings, accessorises and equipment are in perfect shape not only attracts customers and keeps them coming, it makes them want to tell others about you. And there’s no better PR than a referral to gain new clients!

Top tips for creating there perfect salon design

1. In addition to thinking about colours, lighting and furniture, think also about layout. This is a key part of interior design that is less visual but just as vital. Where clients are greeted and seated, and the positioning of backwash units, styling stations and rest areas all affect the customer journey and experience. Getting this right also ensures you maximise your commercial potential from the space you have available. 

2. When designing your salon put your client and team front of mind. Who is your salon going to appeal to? What kind of clientele do you want to attract? Is your approach different to what’s already in your area? What services are you offering and does your design approach complement your service menu? Also, does your design facilitate the delivery of your services and your team who will be delivering them? These are important considerations.

3. Get professional support. A professional salon design expert can ensure you factor in all the important questions into your design. They can also make sure your space is configured correctly to enhance the customer experience and plan in the right equipment to maximise your service offering too. This can impact on your commercial success so it’s definitely worth consulting an expert to bring your vision to life.

Takara Belmont offers a FREE Salon Design Service to salons looking for expert guidance, subject to purchase and T&Cs. See website for details:  


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