Every salon goes in pursuit of creativity, originality and quality. Creating a strong and individual brand identity, delivering exceptional services, and an ensuring sublime hairdressing experience for every client, means looking at every aspect of your salon in fine detail. From kerb appeal to the interior design, and from the expertise and style of your team to the products you use and the refreshments you serve, every part of the client journey must be carefully curated to achieve the exceptional.

As an integral part of the service experience, the aesthetic impressions you create through salon design must be perfectly balanced with highly skilled stylists and colourists, and first-class equipment. Clients spend the majority of their time seated at the backwash or styling station, so comfort, support and equipment reliability are essential, but how do you create a seamless look when colours are integral to your whole identity? How do you create a distinguished brand that flows seamlessly throughout every part of your salon to reinforce and accentuate what makes you unique? 

The answer is customisation. 

Furniture and equipment are not only defining in terms of their aesthetic contribution to salon design, they define experiences too, both for the stylist and client. Opting for world-class equipment is a must when you're aiming high, but just imagine if you could create the ultimate backwash and styling experience by combining different equipment types, and tailor them to create stunning visual coordination and service continuity. 

This is just what salons like PALETTE Bleach On Colour has achieved. With their brand identity anchored in Flamingo pink, their vibrant design immediately stops you in your tracks. It begs to be noticed. The outside exudes high-end luxury and upon entering the wow factor continues uninterrupted. It's bold, bright and fun executed in a very classy way that suggests only the finest hair and colour services are on the menu here.

When it comes to comfort, the Cadilla styling chair and RS Primo backwash combine to ensure complete service satisfaction. Both are customised in bright pink to uphold the integrity of their brand, while their very individual designs are a perfect complement to the decor and service areas they are deployed at.

As one of Takara Belmont's most enduring chair designs, Cadilla is versatile, robust and comfortable while ensuring every stylist enjoys unhindered access to their client. And as the perfect prelude, RS Primo's generously cushioned seat and side cushions cocoon your client in comfort, as its gel-filled neck rest cradles the head during every shampoo service.

The result is satisfied clients from the moment they enter to the moment they say a fond farewell. 

Why not look at Takara Belmont's custom options and coordinate your equipment with your brand identity and interior?

With 0% zero deposit Finance Lease, there's never been a better time than now to upgrade and reimagine your brand.  




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