Fashion and Haircare

Style is crucial
and creativity is the making of everything.
Haircare is now vital to salon service.


Healthier hair provides more opportunities for Stylists to be creative and in full control. Clients enjoy greater sheen, improved volume and strength, and longer-lasting results.

Our user-friendly, advanced equipment packs the power to perform the transformations to hair that you seek – with deeper and longer-lasting results. They are also the pioneers of several improvements focused on the pursuit of healthier hair and happier clients.

In one sitting at a single station in your salon, each unit will take care of a full treatment and the cooling-off. 

Expand your salon menu.
Give service. Gain loyalty.

Roller Ball F (mobile version)

Lower heat. Covers full head or sections.
Colouring, hair-end tinting, highlighting, perming and point-perming.

Utilises the world's first infra-red heated, circular porcelain heat element.

Roller Ball -F Haircare >

Spa Mist II (mobile)

Lower heat. Finer moisture particles.
Colouring, perming, head spa, hand spa, aromatherapy.

Add purified water to generate all the goodness that mist will deliver.

Spa Mist II Haircare >

Micro Mist II (mobile)

Lower heat. Finer moisture particles. 
Hair and scalp treatments, head spa.

Add purified water to generate all the goodness that mist will deliver.

Micro Mist II >

Styling and Backwash chairs for comfortable cutting and treatments

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