Processing technology serves three vital purposes in the delivery of technical services including hair colouring, conditioning treatments and other chemical processes, such as perms and waves. First, it facilitates the penetration of product deeper into individual hair strands for better outcomes. It also accelerates processing time, which allows salons to undertake more services and increase incomes. Lastly, the therapeutic effect of mist adds an atmospheric dimension to each service that enhances the client’s sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  

With both mist and steam processors available, what are the differences and which one is best for you and your client?

Mist or steam processors are designed to achieve the same objective. That is to maximise the outcome of colour and chemical processes, whilst preserving the integrity of the hair itself. The introduction of steam or mist enables cuticle layers to open at the optimum temperature, so when technical products are applied, they penetrate deeper into each hair strand. And when the process is complete, hair is cooled to close the cuticle layer and seal product in. As a result, hair colour is more vibrant, shinier and with increased durability. Conditioning treatments leave hair silkier and more manageable, and perms and waves are stronger with increased curl definition.    

So does it matter whether you use mist or steam technology?

In short, yes, and the differences are significant. Steam processors heat water to temperatures hot enough to generate steam and the effect of very high temperatures can adversely affect the structure, strength and integrity of the hair. Not only can this negate treatment benefits and compromise colour intensity it can cause damage to hair, especially when used incorrectly. Furthermore, steam generates moisture, and the presence of too much moisture during a chemical process simply dilutes the product and reduces its effect.

Mist Innovation

This is why Takara Belmont brings mist innovation to hair processing with the Micro Mist and Spa Mist II. With the hairs’ cuticle layer opening at just 30˚- 40˚, overheating and dilution are avoided with the Micro Mist and Spa Mist II processors. Using different kinds of technology to get to the same end result, both processors create a refined mist at much lower temperatures, which are consistent with the temperature at which the cuticle layers open. 

This ensures that the hair is protected from heat damage and the chemical products that enter into each stand are undiluted. Utilising groundbreaking technology, the Micro Mist and Spa Mist II processors create an ultra-fine mist that is virtually moisture-free. In the case of Spa Mist II, an ultrasonic transducer vibrates 1.6 million times a second to generate a super-fine mist of microscopic water particles.

Under close scientific analysis, Spa Mist II and Micro Mist are shown to have tangible effects on the quality, vibrancy and durability of colour, conditioners and chemical treatments, as well as yielding benefits on the scalp itself. As the foundation of healthy hair, a clean, unclogged scalp is key to optimising the hair’s natural lustre, resilience and strength. Spa Mist II and Micro Mist technologies enable this by creating the perfect environment for healthy hair growth to occur. 

Significantly, an important part of the process is the fast cooling of the hair after a treatment process to seal the cuticle and lock ingredients deep inside the hair shaft. With both processors featuring a rapid cooling mechanism, it’s this key stage in the process that enhances the outcome of colouring, conditioning and perms, which are visibly more intense, vibrant and durable. 

As an example, clinical studies reveal the effects on colour durability endure even after seven shampoos compared to the colour degradation evident in colour treatments where a processor has not been used.

Moreover, the conditioning effects and benefits to scalp health has led to these technologies delivering spa-style hand and nail treatments. After cleansing the pores and applying moisturising treatments, these innovations create the ultimate manicure to leave hands feeling rejuvenated and intensely moisturised.

The addition of Micro Mist and Spa Mist II into your salon brings real benefits to key technical services, allows for VIP treatments and new premium value services to be introduced, and it adds a point of difference to your salon.

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