Situated in a richly diverse and cultured part of south London, KOOP Studio delivers an unexpected haven of luxury and calm. And that’s unusual. In what is a densely populated area you might reasonably expect to find salons that are a little more challenged when it comes to space, yet KOOP Studio opens up like a welcoming pair of arms as you arrive home and cross the threshold after a hectic day in the heart of the bustling city.

“KOOP Studio aspires to be a hair salon with a difference,” says owner Brice Biodin. “Our focus is on the enhancement and celebration of natural beauty and the individual, and our ethos is to promote true confidence and well-being.”


When it comes to how this focus benefits every client, the environment in which they serve their clients certainly reflects their ethos too. Peachy walls are calming and easy on the eye and mind. Splashes of plant life exude naturalness and introduce the outdoors in a settling way, as natures hues contrast perfectly with the overall colour scheme.

A unique environment

Furthermore, when it comes to layout, their ‘less is more’ approach is undoubtedly anchored in ensuring the privacy and well-being of their clients. Brice comments: “We have created a unique environment that allows us to deliver services that enhance the qualities and features that make each person unique. We believe that a hair style should be sustainable, so we work with each person’s natural look to create a uniquely tailored cut that stays looking beautiful for weeks.”  

An interior design-led approach

KOOP is minimalist, tasteful and discreet in every respect, and you can see that it is interior design-led rather than a conventional salon design. Globe lighting fixtures drape from the ceiling and natural light bellows in to project ample light, as freestanding mirrors and trendy stool-like service stations deliver a sense of quirkiness that’s intriguing and satisfying on the eye.

“The space is designed to reflect our core values with an open, light and fresh space that embraces a raw, authentic and unrefined aesthetic,” says Brice. “The studio is versatile and encourages creativity. It imbues a sensory experience and a connection to nature and its ever-changing beauty.”

Ensuring client comfort is no exception to the KOOP Studio rule book either. In keeping with their aim to “create a contemporary and unique environment, with a focus on the client experience inspired by nature and the beauty of its imperfection” - while simultaneously “perfecting the essential elements of the service and experience.”  – KOOP Studio selected Takara Belmont’s Cadilla BW chair.  

Upholstered in a colourway that syncs perfectly with thoughtfully positioned plants, Cadilla BW delivers yet another eye-catching feature, as its robust form and classic design ensure longevity, sustainability and home-style comfort. “The Cadilla BW chair is a perfect complement to our design, our guests and our team. We believe that simplicity is key to cultivating a winning concept and this core value permeates through to everything we do - from the look and feel of the salon to how we style hair. The Cadilla chairs are a key part of our concept.”

KOOP Studio is original, thought provoking and evocative in equal measure. The balance between the refined, the delicate and the bold suggests that it respects the strength of character and individuality of every male and female guest. And what better way to achieve it than in a salon like this.


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