Boost Your Business by Creating New Client Experiences

The post-Covid world has brought some uncertainties along with it, as salon and men's grooming businesses readjust and recover from the economic and emotional shock of two years of disruption. But as we emerge and respond to a new kind of normality, the Covid experience has yielded some unexpected opportunities too.

People and attitudes have changed, and client expectations have changed. Men and women have reflected upon the last two years and re-evaluated their lives, as they look to create a new work-life balance in the aftermath of an experience that’s changed their view of what really matters. 

As a result, investment in hair, beauty and well-being services is soaring, as your clients look for higher-end salon experiences, more ‘me’ time and real change in terms of how they spend their leisure time, and money.  

Hairdressing and men's grooming – beneficiaries of change 

Hair, barbering and beauty salons are among the main beneficiaries of this change. And the opportunity to not only deliver what your clients want, but to capitalise on it and accelerate your business recovery in the process is very real.

Understanding your clients’ desires, not just their need 

When visiting the salon or barbershop, more clients are in search of a lifestyle experience, not just a hairdressing or grooming service. So, if you’re doing exactly what you did before the pandemic, now is the best time to re-think. How can you deliver enhanced value to your clients? How can you elevate their service experience and provide an antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life? And how can you respond to the demand for luxury and self-investment that’s fuelling growth in the salon industry? 

Bringing about change and taking advantage of new opportunities in the post-COVID world 

By offering something beyond expectation in the form of expertise, well-being services and even treatments, such as facials and scalp care, many salons and men's grooming establishments are capitalising on changing demands by adding to their regular service offerings. Inviting clients in for a free consultation to assess their hair and scalp, making new recommendations and pointing them to new and innovative products and treatment experiences is one simple way to differentiate your salon, and tempt clients into trying something new and intriguing.  

Also, why not poll your clients in the salon or barbershop and on social media to see what they want? This could highlight lots of ideas you could consider adding as a service option, that you might not have previously thought about.   

Changing equipment perceptions 

Important to this process of change is equipment. It’s easy to see chairs and equipment as purely functional, rather than a means of elevating customer experiences, delivering heightened sensations of luxury, and creating new feelings and emotions. So now is a great time to see and do things differently. 

Take a service-first approach based on the demand and desires of your clients, and the new opportunities for luxury services – then ensure you have the right equipment to deliver it. 

Next, comes salon design. The design, layout and ambience of your space defines your image, frames your services and attaches a value to them. Getting your service range and approach, and your interior design right is a powerful combination that can lead you to greater success. So how can you achieve it, and afford it?

It's time for change

The Salon Design Team at Takara Belmont have created some of the industry’s most awe-inspiring interiors based on sound commercial principles that will maximise income from your footprint. This salon design service is FREE* too, so why not start the process of transformation today? It’s a call away.   

And then there’s leasing hairdressing equipment. While some salons and barbers are unsure of its benefits and have a perception of what leasing is, it really is a great option. Not only is leasing tax efficient, making your investment in equipment more affordable and great business sense, you own the products at the end of your leasing term too.

Now is a great time to be in the hairdressing and men's grooming industry. As a place clients love to spend time, invest in themselves and enjoy a moment to achieve complete calm and relaxation, make today the day you start to bring about change to your business and future-proof your success.  

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