The Elite Male Grooming Experience

When Gary Mace, owner and visionary behind the Kingsman Male Hair Salon in Weybridge, became an account manager for male grooming brand American Crew, his passion and love for barbering evolved and his vision for a future as a barbershop owner started to crystallise in his imagination. Along with a love for cutting hair, inspired by Dale Ted Watkins and the contemporary Sassoon techniques that he taught Gary, his experience deepened so he set about dedicating both his passion and cutting expertise to realise his dream.

"As I got more involved in this amazing industry I loved it all the more and that's really important. When you have an ingrained passion for something it makes you so determined to drive your ideas forward and succeed," he says. "When I knew that's what I wanted to do I made it happen and I knew exactly what I wanted my salon to be like. It had to be high-quality with every detail contributing to a unique client experience. From the name to the interior style to the service culture, every client had to feel special and valued to ensure a memorable grooming experience every time."

Immediate Impressions

There's little doubt looking at Kingsman that Gary and his business partner Jamie King have done anything other than succeed. Situated in affluent Weybridge in Surrey, near to where Gary lives, immediate impressions are very pleasing to the eye and you can feel the quality. Its aesthetic balance is perfectly poised with just enough decoration to stimulate your visual interest without unnecessary eye clutter. White walls make every fixture pop out and this contrasts perfectly with oak flooring and grey cabinetry to create a striking palette which is modern, tasteful and high-end in its feel and texture. With splashes of exposed timber, carefully selected plants and well considered lighting, Kingsman is bright, inviting and uplifting without being overpowering or overwhelming. It's classy.

Icons Of A Classic Era 

Images of movie icons, which adorn the walls, nod to the salon's appreciation of all things classic and this sensibility extends to the furniture, which plays a vital role in determining the quality and experience for every client. The Apollo 2 Elite, the first evolutionary iteration of the classic Apollo 2 barber chair blends seamlessly with the interior style.



Gary Mace: "When I considered the quality, look and comfort I wanted for Kingsman and its clients, it had to be Takara Belmont and the Apollo 2 Elite. I felt the Elite model still retained the classic Apollo 2 look with a different level of class and sophistication; I felt this captured the essence of what we were trying to achieve too. True to form, they have never let us down, they continue to look amazing and like everything in the salon, they're an investment in our brand and the quality we want to project and offer to our guests."  

Fit For A King

Which brings us to the name. Kingsman sounds strong, determined and masculine and that, says Gary, is exactly what he wanted. "I wanted a one word name that reflected our values and alluded to the quality clients could expect and, at the same time, I wanted a name that was memorable. It was nothing to do with the film, as I hadn't event heard of it, but I felt Kingsman was absolutely right for us."

With a male hair salon that's grown fast in terms of local stature and reputation, plans to expand and a loyal client base that value Gary and his team, Kingsman has a secure and promising future which is reflected in Gary's optimism. "I still draw on influences to make sure we're always ahead of the curve in terms of trends and emerging techniques. Most recently I've found inspiration from the likes of Josh Lamonica and Charlie Grey and this keeps us fresh and in command of what clients might be looking for."

Kingsman is really another success story with a common thread as Gary considers what advice he would give to anyone looking to achieve what he has. "In the end you have to love what you do, be patient, dedicated and prepared to put the graft in. Then you'll reap the benefits!"

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