Styling stations - the heart of every salon and barbershop

As clients spend the majority of their time at the styling station, and as a creative hub where stylists, colourists and barbers transform their client’s style, the styling station has an enormous impact on service experiences and working practices.

More than its role as a functional necessity, the styling station is where relationships are nurtured and the bond of trust with clients is forged. As a crucial element in the journey to self-care and confidence building, it’s where creativity flourishes and trends are set, and where artistic expression meets the aspirations of clients who want to look and feel their absolute best.

The styling station is also an aesthetic focal point that contributes significantly to salon and barbershop design, as well as its ambience and visual appeal. And, like all things that affect client satisfaction and working efficiency, it has to be perfectly curated.

Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager Katie Fielder, explains: “The styling station is at the heart of every salon and barbershop. Keeping it clean and clutter-free, ensuring ample space to give your clients enough privacy, and giving stylists sufficient space for all round access to their client, contributes to a positive service environment. The styling station needs to be welcoming and comfortable, and create the right mood so clients have an exceptional experience every time.”    

Get the layout and floor plan right

As a vital constituent of the floor plan, styling stations should be positioned to optimise space efficiency. This means having the right number of styling stations per sq. ft to maximise the commercial potential from your space, with a min 3ft/1.5m radius around to ensure that clients are not crammed in, and stylists have space to work. Katie Fielder: “By consulting our Salon Design Team, we can recommend layouts that maximise the number of stations in the context of other key service areas including the backwash, reception and waiting areas, and restrooms.”

Designed for success

As an integral part of salon design, selecting the right styling chairs, mirrors and styling units is crucial to setting the scene on a visual, functional, and emotional level.

When it comes to styling and grooming chairs, they not only reflect your design and colour scheme, they are also imperative for comfort and all aspects of hairdressing and grooming services. “Clients spend almost all of their time sitting in the salon or barbershop,” says Katie. “Chairs need to look amazing, but they also need to be supremely comfortable, versatile, and functional.

“Salons and barbershops are a demanding workplace, so owners need reassurance that their chairs will withstand the rigours of constant use without breaking down or degrading over time. This is especially important for business, as downtime caused by broken chairs loses money. Plus, a repair or replace approach is bad for sustainability and the environment, as well as being more costly in the long term.”

With different base options, a wide range of upholstery colours and textures, customisable features and a diverse range of designs, Takara Belmont’s reputation for world-class quality gives salons and barbershops complete confidence. Additionally, in the very unlikely event of an issue, all parts and service are readily available through our nationwide dealer network, which is not always the case with cheaper, inferior equipment.

Equally important, styling units can be affixed to walls, or facing each other in more open settings. “The important thing is to make sure that there’s enough storage to stow tools away after use, as this keeps the station neat and tidy. To maximise space, shelving units also provide additional storage and even allow for product displays to boost retail.”

Meanwhile, whether they’re integral to the styling unit or a standalone fixture, mirrors are essential. Aside from the obvious function of clients being able to see their transformation take shape and giving stylists and barbers a crucial view to help them create, mirrors also enhance communication by promoting eye-to-eye contact and positive interactions.  

Boost service opportunities and business potential  

Equipment innovation means it’s possible to create styling stations that expand service opportunities and boost profits by providing a complete hair care experience at the styling station. “Innovations such as the RS Swing and Yume Oasis can locate high-end backwash experiences at the styling station, while barbering stations such as the Aubrey create an all-in-one solution in men's grooming salons” continues Katie. “And when it comes to colour, scalp care, conditioning treatments and other chemical processes, Roller Ball F’s mobile or wall-mounted version elevate colour outcomes at the styling station, while Spa Mist II also allows for scalp care, hand conditioning and other spa-style services to be served in one location. With the growth of colour and other spa-style grooming treatments, these innovations are just as relevant for modern barbering as well as hair salons.”

Creating the perfect styling station affordably

As a key feature in every salon and barbershop, Takara Belmont’s range and 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease Scheme means there’s never been a better time to elevate the styling station in a more affordable and tax efficient way. “As clients visit the salon and barbershop for respite as well as amazing hair care services, our innovative 0% Finance Lease Scheme means businesses can invest for the future with our world-class equipment in complete confidence.”

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