Haircare and Creativity

As with all things natural, water, temperature and nutrients are essential to the good health of our hair.


Deeper cuticle penetration of any treatment particles ensures better results; colour is more vibrant and enduring, and other chemical processes last longer with the help of mist. 

The difference between mist and steam is the water temperature and particle size: the cooler, smaller mist delivers more treatment particle and less water deeper into the hair cuticle. Our ingenious pieces of equipment have replaced the need for the old-style steamer and drier duo.

Treatments processed using mist give measured moisture relief to dry and damaged hair and enhanced conditioning for all hair types. The intelligent, integrated cooling systems complete each process by sealing all the required goodness inside the hair cuticle – the final touch in a new era of healthy hair treatment.

Understand hair.

Chemically-assisted treatments perform incredible alterations to the natural hair structure and colour, traditionally consuming essential moisture by over-heating the hair and scalp. 

These detailed, digital images show the difference between healthy and damaged hair

Repair damaged hair.

Your clients will enjoy sheen, improved volume and strength, and longer-lasting treatment results.

The illustrations show how mist and treatment particles achieve deep cuticle-penetration before closing and sealing the benefits inside the hair

Achieve enduring vibrancy.

Our experiment shows that (1) with mist and (2) without mist, (a) immediately after a colour treatment and (b) after 7 shampoos, the better results are easily distinguished.

Our blue-dye processing results prove the multiple benefits of a healthier process

Serve your clients.

Encourage your clients to take regular treatments between or after cuts to improve and maintain their hair condition.

Or follow any colour or perm process with a gentle, soothing and moisturing mist treatment to seal the treatment the healthier way, ensuring the longer-lasting and more vibrant result.

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The finest mist particles and the finest treatment processor yet?

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How can the most powerful heat processor contribute to haircare? 

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